• The purpose of a Quality System is to provide an effective and economic means of assuring manufactured products fulfils its intended purpose with regards to safety, performance and reliability as well as other quality aspects as may apply in specific case.
  • It is the vision of the company to be winners by putting our customers first and providing them with the best of products.
  • We shall strive to achieve excellence throughout the company by continuos improvement with the intent of better satisfying customer requirement through training and challenge of career advancement of our employees.
  • The company believes that the active participation of each and every employee are vital to meet and maintain the ISO 9001 standard. Using this quality system, we can improve our present system to a world wide recognized system.
  • This policy is issued to indicate clearly the attitude of the company's management with regards to quality related matters. Such a policy is essential for long term success of the company in a competitive market, as well as achieving employee satisfaction.

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